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Tickler Vibes - Nosy Powertickler Vibrator

Item: E22165

Prijs € 59.00

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Our Nosy is the odd one out in the Powertickler family. Not so slim, not so slender and no delicate vibrating tip. The vibration goes all the way through his powerful chest through to his pronounced head. Let the body stimulate your outside while the head opens you up for the ultimate Nosy experience. Nosy, like all Powerticklers, is made from super-smooth body-safe silicone, is waterproof, quiet and very, very powerful. Nosy also comes with two different speeds and three distinct pulsation modes for a great choice of sensations, and the batteries are included.

Product Specification:

Color: Yellow
Material: Bodysafe Silicone
Finish:Soft coated
Size: 147 mm
Weight: 184 grams
Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
User time: Up to 4h
Frequency: 80 Hz
Max noise level: <50 dB
Interface: 2 speeds and 3 pulsation modes, on/off


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