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Gun Oil - Silicon Lubricant 5 ml

Item: E22445

Prijs € 1.34

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Our most popular. Super slick, water-resistant, and made to perform as long as you do.

- Proprietary, three- molecule blend
- Silicone-based
- Condom compatible
- Unscented, flavor-free
- Safe for toys

Prepare for Action! If the military issued a lubricant, this is what they would distribute with the condoms and artillery. Gun Oil is made with a proprietary, three-molecule silicone blend that keeps a Privates' parts well lubricated. Ultra-concentrated and water-resistant, Gun Oil won't break down or dry out providing longer-lasting, slicker battle rhythm during surface-to-surface contact or in under-water missions. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera are added to minimize skin irritation and protect tissues.

5 ml


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