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Pjur - Floor Display incl. Products

Item: E22519

Prijs € 1,852.00

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12x E22495 Pjur - Analyse Me Glide 100 ml
6x E22484 Pjur - MED Natural Glide 100 ml
6x E22481 Pjur - MED Premium Glide 100 ml
6x E22480 Pjur - MED Repair Glide 100 ml
6x E20399 Pjur - Aqua 100 ml
6x E24247 Pjur - Analyse Me Comfort Water Glide 100 ml
6x E22491 Pjur - Woman Aqua 100 ml
6x E22496 Pjur - Woman Toy Clean 100 ml
6x E22497 Pjur - Woman Toy Lube 100 ml

- Free-standing display
- Capacity: 120x 100ml bottles (e.g.)
- Modern design, premium quality
- Target group appeal due to big image on front and back

- Incl. castors – for the perfect use of free store space!
- Flexible inlay box with exchangeable back wall
- Quick set-up
- Includes assembly materials and instructions

- Product description in several languages and info via QR code scan

Measures (HxBxT): 160 x 60 x 51,5cm
Weight: 45 KG


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