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YESforLOV - Intimate Fragrance-Free Wipes

Item: E23139

Prijs € 14.90

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  It cleanses and soothes. It is fragrance-free to keep your own scent intact. (The slightest doubt? Wipe it away with a tender gesture and say "yes" without hesitation.)

The YESforLOV intimate fragrance-free wipes cleanse with an ultra-gentle touch. Soap-free and alcohol-free, they maintain the balance of your precious intimate area, while the soothing active ingredients of YESforLOV's exclusive complex calm sensations of heat. The fragrance-free, no-rinse wipes are presented in individual packets, making them the must-have accessories for intimate lifestyles on the go.

10 intimate wipes presented in individual packets


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