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YESforLOV - All-Over Lubricating Massage Gel

Item: E24534

Prijs € 29.90

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Two naked bodies offered up, the massage is a delicious pretext, the lubricant a mad pique.
(...From the first approach to a hot one-on-one, without going back to square one.)

A handful of massage to become better acquainted and get the feel for one another. A dash of sinfully delightful scent, slightly sweet, irresistibly sensual. A pinch of lubricant, like the body's second skin, ready and willing. A pinch of desire to spice things up… YESforLOV's allover lubricating massage gel is a recipe, a mutual invitation between the two of you to experience each other, from the first shiver to the quake of ecstasy, like a cocktail at the pinnacle of privacy, to be consumed without moderation.

Gentle on your skin: tested under dermatological control/hypoallergenic*/ paraben-free/allergen-free/no mineral oil.

*Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

This lubricant is compatible with the use of condoms.


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