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Dame Products - EVA Hands-Free Vibrator Lavender

Item: E26271

Prijs € 120.00

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  The first hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples vibrator.

Eva is a hands-free vibrator that provides women the clitoral stimulation they want during sex.

Eva's unique flexible wings keep the vibrator in place by comfortably tucking under a woman's labia majora.

- Hands-free
- Strap-free & harness-free
- Garment-free
- Rechargable
- Water-resistent
- One big button
- Medical grade silicone
- Powerful motor vibrations
- Low battery light indicator
- USB charger
- 3 Distinct speeds
- 120 Volt wall adapter


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