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Lovense - Nora Vibrator

Item: E26370

Prijs € 109.00

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Nora was the first bluetooth rabbit vibrator. It allows you to control your toy via your smartphone, sync with music, give control up control to a partner at any distance and have long distance sex! The head of Nora rotates, enabling you to hit the G-spot. The clitoral arm contains a vibrator, allowing for dual stimulation.

Close Range Control - use your smartphone to adjust the air pump and vibration settings during solo play.

Long Distance Control - Our app enables a partner to take control from any distance.

Long Distance Sex - able to sync with Nora by LOVENSE over the internet- allowing LDR couples to experience be intimate.

- Rotating head has 3 settings to provide g-spot stimulation
- Vibrating arm provides strong vibration to the clitoris
- Gyrating beads massage the walls of the vagina
- Completely waterproof


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