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Jelly Jack - Masturbation Jelly 7 ml

Item: P00351

Prijs € 1.34

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Sometimes a guy just needs to get off fast, clean up and move on. Jack Jelly is a high-grade, no-frills lubricant, gives a guy a slick glide when he needs a quick, one-handed ride. This formula is designed to enhance sensation and heighten a guy's pleasure while he's jacking off. We've developed Jack Jelly specifically to target the needs of a more price conscious market - offering a high quality product with superior lubrication to competing silica-based gels, at a significantly lower price point.

Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Ozokerite, Dimethicone, Laureth-3, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E

Not Latex Condom Compatible

Content: 7 ml


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